People are outraged after unhoused man’s best friend is taken in T.O.

A man experiencing homelessness in Toronto is asking for the public’s help in finding his service dog he claims was stolen while he slept at Union Station.

Joseph told CityNews Toronto that on April 9, while sleeping at Union Station’s food court, his 10-year-old mixed breed dog Letitia (Leti) disappeared. “She was sleeping underneath my chair, and I blinked and fell asleep for a second,” he said in an interview. “I woke up, and she was gone.”

Leti, a service dog that has been trained for Joseph’s epilepsy, has a severe allergy to various types of meat including duck and chicken and because of this is on a strict diet.

“All I want is a result. I want her home,” Joseph told CityNews. “If she saw me with her own eyes, nothing would stop her from returning to me. There wouldn’t be anything stopping me from getting back to her.”

He told CityNews that a GO Train employee reviewed CCTV footage that showed Leti getting on an elevator with an unknown woman.

“She’s too friendly for her own good,” Joseph said.  “There are posters out for her. She’s been around the world and the country multiple times.”

After the article was posted on Reddit, users were quick to show support for Joseph.

“I can’t understand how people can be so inhumane, get that man his companion back!!!!” commented one user. “I know this man and I know his dog. He loves her very much and has always tried to do right by her. Very sad. Hope she’s found soon,” wrote another.

Joseph, who moved to Toronto two years ago, has owned Leti for 10 years. He said that Leti originally went by the name Lemmy after the lead singer of the British heavy metal band Motörhead. He told CityNews that he has filed a report with the Toronto Police.