People are asking the Ford government to move Therme Spa to Marineland

With recent rumours that Marineland has been laying off employees and will be ceasing park operations for good, some are calling for the Ontario government to relocate a private spa—to be located on the public lands at Ontario Place—to the Marine Land grounds.

Last year, the province signed a 95-year lease with Austrian Company Therme to build the Therme Spa on public waterfront land at Ontario Place. The project will include a $650 M investment in a 2,000-car underground parking garage and infrastructure upgrades, leaving many critical about the Ford government’s decision to offer provincial land to a private company, noting that the funds should instead be invested in essential services, like paying for nurses, long-term care beds, and affordable housing.

With Therme moving ahead with its plans to build on Ontario Place, many have been scrambling to find alternative locations for the spa. In September, Toronto Mayor Olivia Chow proposed that the spa and indoor water park be located at the underused Better Living Centre at the Exhibition Place, an idea supported by Deputy Mayor Ausma Malik.

And now many across social media are advocating for the spa to be situated on the Marineland grounds.

As it turns out, the idea has been floating around for a few months now.

“Here’s perfect site to build a spa – Marine Land – already has access, parking & handles equivalent amounts of water. Best – doesn’t destroy Ontario Place, OSC, or damage Lake Ontario,” one user posted on X back in December.

In a statement on Monday, Marine Land denied layoff and closure rumours.

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