New English language proficiency test is making permanent migration faster than ever

Streets of Toronto X Pearson

There’s a new English language proficiency test available for new immigrants coming to Canada, and it will make the process of approval for permanent economic migration and Canadian citizenship faster, fairer and simpler than ever before. The newly launched test by Pearson, the world’s leading learning company, has been approved by Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) and was created to meet Canada’s specific immigration needs. 

“PTE Core is a two-hour test that is taken in a single session with results returned within 48 hours. The test can be booked online 24 hours in advance, is computer based and taken in a test centre,” notes  Shirleen Costain, Pearson’s senior director for global stakeholder relations and market development. 

The super-fast results are a major asset for those taking the test, especially considering how important favourable results are for those looking for permanent migration. 

It was a very positive experience. Results came [very quickly] which helped us to think about our future plans,” former PTE Core test-taker Deepshikha Mutha said. 

Pearson promises an even more impartial experience for test-takers, thanks to the integration of both AI scoring and human expertise. The latest AI technology, calibrated and reviewed by human raters, is used for scoring. These cutting-edge technologies reduce the risk of bias and ensure a highly-accurate test of a test-taker’s English language proficiency. 

The PTE Core English test also sets itself apart from other test offerings due to its unique structure. It covers four key English language skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing, and is specifically relevant for the vocational test taker, designed with a real-life, non-academic focus. 

In Canada, many economic immigration programs require a language test to qualify, so a test such as PTE Core that focuses on career-related language skills can be a major advantage for incoming immigrants. 

“It was designed to test real life language skills and allows test takers to showcase their proficiency and be themselves in English,” Gio Giovannelli, president of the English Language Learning division at Pearson, said in a statement. “Whether people are looking to work, study or migrate to Canada, there’s a Pearson English language proficiency test that suits their requirements.”  

Gunjan Baisoya, a test-taker who took the PTE Core test for the purpose of migration into Canada, said the experience was so positive and simple that they would consider taking it again. “It allowed me to demonstrate my English proficiency accurately and efficiently. I’m considering taking the PTE Core again to improve my score and achieve my migration goal.” 

In addition to PTE Core, Pearson also offers PTE Academic — an IRCC-approved English proficiency test for all Student Direct Stream visa applications that  was accepted in August 2023 by the IRCC as an approved English proficiency test for all Student Direct Stream (SDS) visa applications. The test is already recognised by more than 97 per cent of universities and 95 per cent of colleges in Canada, and PTE Academic is also accepted by 100 per cent of Australian, New Zealand and Irish Universities and 99 per cent of U.K. universities.   

With the launch of PTE Core, it will be easier than ever to achieve permanent economic migration in Canada. For aspiring test-takers in Toronto, there are bookings for the PTE Core English test available as early as this week at multiple locations, including Bay Street, St. Clair Avenue East and Sheppard Avenue East.

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