Our top 5 Canadian web series, from Out with Dad to The Plateaus

A futuristic, anti-corporate dystopia with economic zones free of environmental and human rights regulations. A heartwarming story of a single dad learning how to connect with his gay teen. A dark comedy about a bunch of misfits trying to survive in a rock ’n’ roll band after their only talented member dies. This couldn’t be the fall lineup at a major network; these ideas are far too progressive and interesting. These are just a few of the many incredible Canadian web series offering up a startlingly high level of entertainment on the old Interweb. Here are five of our favourites:

The Plateaus
This web series generated some publicity with a series of celeb-heavy promo videos starring the likes of Eugene Levy, Jay Baruchel and Sam Roberts. Although it took a while, the show finally landed on the CBC Music website and it is fantastic. The rockumentary series stars Annie Murphy, of CBC comedy Schitt’s Creek; Matt Raudsepp; and Kyle Gatehouse as the three remaining members of the band the Plateaus. After losing their lead singer, Somerset, to death by guitar shredding electrocution, the bumbling bandmates have to forge their own path to stardom. Watch for guest appearances by such luminaries as Fred Penner.

Created by Toronto writer Jim Munroe, Haphead is an eight-part web series set in the year 2025. Video games have become so immersive that users actually develop skills by playing. The story follows Maxine, who gets a job in an electronics sweat shop and quickly embraces the new technology, turning her back on those who care most for her, with devastating consequences.

Out with Dad
Filmed in Toronto, Out With Dad is one of Canada’s most enduring and successful web series. The show follows the life of lesbian teen Rose, who comes out to her father and faces innumerable challenges along the way. The show is seen in countries as far afield as Brazil, Germany and Italy. Out With Dad stars Will Conlon and Kate Conway.

Guidance is a comedy about three rather ridiculous high school guidance counsellors who can’t seem to guide their students to anything but a mess of trouble. The series stars local comedy heavyweights Pat Smith, Adam Crawley and Rob Baker.

Pete Winning and the Pirates
A bit of a futuristic swashbuckler, this award-winning web series is the brainchild of Mike Donis, who stars as Pete and also directs, writes and produces the show.

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