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Our top 10 city and news stories of 2021

This past year, COVID-19 once again dominated the headlines around the world. But, locally, in addition to pandemic-related stories, there was interest in city life and neighbourhood issues. In 2021, people were ready to leave the city and travel, oh the good old days, which piqued an interest in rules and regulations to that effect. Without further adieu, here are our top 10 news stories of 2021.

1. Seven places for same-day COVID test results

The top news story of the year illustrated just how much the city wanted to do the right thing, and that’s get tested. Our story on where to get results right away proved popular.

2. Massive iceberg homes come to Toronto

A group of concerned neighbourhood residents raised the alarm bells over the growing interest in iceberg homes in Toronto. When local councillor Jaye Robinson got word and sprung into action at city council mounting a move to regulate.

3. Drive-in church services

When places of worship were shut down due to the pandemic, one industrious church in the west end of Toronto

4. Rent a private pool in Toronto

Public gatherings, especially in places such as pools, were a little much for many to handle during the past couple of years. To that end, an ambitious idea took shape dubbed Swimply, which was something akin to the Uber of swimming pools.

5. Historic Hoggs Hollow heritage home demolished

It is shocking what happens sometimes in Toronto neighbourhoods when nobody is looking. In this story, one person actually decided on his own that it was okay to bulldoze a historic home about to be listed on the city registry of heritage homes.

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