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Operatic take on the state of the TTC just dropped and it’s so good

Think the mayoral election and the ramshackle state of the TTC are a tragedy in the making? So does local performance group Opera Revue who just released a hilarious three-minute mock-opera on the plight of the weary transit commuter.

Seizing the opportunity to inject some humour into the election season, Opera Revue, has unveiled their latest masterpiece: the Toronto Transit Comedy.

The production features the iconic opening duet from Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro, complete with cleverly crafted subtitles. With Alexander Hajek, Danie Friesen, and Claire Elise Harris leading the performance and Claire also providing piano accompaniment, the Opera Revue team delivers a hilarious take on the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) and its election-related challenges.

And, yes, like any good comedic take on the beleaguered TTC, there is a Cinnabon mention. So it checks out.

The OG of TTC reference points

“Opera and social commentary have gone hand in hand since the art forms inception. Open rebellion against the ruling class or foreign invaders could get you killed when these pieces were written (Viva Verdi), but not when you put some of the most glorious western music ever written beneath some witty rhymes, now it’s just a ‘mythical cautionary tale,’” says Hajek.

Opera Revue has made a habit of greeting the city’s trying times with a smile and a song. During the pandemic, the group launched its Isolation Series, a weekly YouTube video series showcasing opera and opera parodies. In addition, the group continues its mission to bring opera to the masses by performing in small clubs like the Granite Brewery, the Emmet Ray, and the Dakota Tavern.

Opera Revue was founded in 2017 by soprano Danie Friesen with pianist Claire Elise Harris joining in 2018 and Hajek in 2021.

Last year, the group did an equally impressive operatic take on the housing crisis.

For those eager to experience Opera Revue live and sing-a-long to the Toronto Transit Comedy, the group has a series of upcoming shows on tap.

On May 21, they will be performing at The Emmet Ray, followed by a show at Granite Brewery on May 28th, featuring the special guest Spencer Kryzanowski on piano. The highly anticipated Debauchery at The Dakota event, back by popular demand, will take place on May 31 and June 1. Finally, on June 4, Opera Revue will be making their debut at Reid’s Distillery.

To secure a seat at any of these shows, reservations can be made through email or online platforms.

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