These 20 Toronto restaurants made this list of top 598 restaurants in North America

We Torontonians take pride in our dining scene, and it’s no wonder why. Long before the Michelin Guide came knocking, culinary titans like Nuit Regular, Grant Van Gameren, and Jonathan Poon were already making waves. Now, with Opinionated About Dining (OAD) dropping their latest rankings, it’s official: Toronto’s dining prowess is undeniable. Twenty of our city’s finest establishments have secured spots on the North American list, cementing our status as a culinary force to be reckoned with.

The OAD algorithm is a sophisticated ranking system that evaluates restaurants based on reviews from its membership community. This community comprises nearly 5,000 passionate foodies and destination diners worldwide, whose opinions shape the rankings. Each member’s influence on the rankings is determined by the number of restaurants they’ve visited and the current ranking of those restaurants. With reviews covering over 16,000 restaurants globally, OAD is a respected authority in the culinary world.

Toronto’s representation on the list encompasses a blend of Michelin-starred establishments and a myriad of fine dining gems scattered throughout the city.

Leading the charge for Toronto is Alo, the brainchild of restaurateur Patrick Kriss, securing an impressive 14th place. Kriss couldn’t contain his excitement and promptly shared the news on Instagram.


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Not far behind, Toronto’s culinary gems continue to impress. Following closely after Alo, Sushi Masaki Saito takes a strong stance at number 74, while Edulis proudly secures the 97th spot. Actinolite, Hashimoto, and the upscale Canoe follow suit at numbers 109, 120, and 149, respectively.

Other Toronto spots that made the list include Aburi Hana, Buca, Scaramouche, Opus Restaurant, Yasu, Sushi Kaji, Boehmer, Ten, Candide Shoushin, Don Alfonso 1890 and 20 Victoria which rounded out the list at number 590.

If you’re curious about which restaurant took the top spot, it was Blue Hill at Stone Barns located in Pocantico Hills, New York.

For the full list of restaurants click here.

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