One of Toronto’s most exciting new Chinese food restaurants is now open in Yorkville and we’ve got the scoop on the best dishes

Mimi Chinese opens today (Oct. 21) at 265 Davenport Rd in Toronto’s vibrant Yorkville neighbourhood.

Mimi Chinese brings a high end service style while still embodying the fun and playful energy we all know and love from sister restaurant, Sunny’s Chinese. The atmosphere at Mimi’s features dimly-lit nooks flaunting deep shades of red. With its plush red velvet dining booths, Mimi Chinese evokes memories of one of Toronto’s first big Chinese restaurants, Lichee Garden.

The Food

The menu includes large sharing plates, as family-style dining is big in Chinese food culture, and has been divided into several sections. All of the dishes can be expertly paired with wine, sake, and signature cocktails.

Mimi’s restaurant concept and menu places emphasis on the southern regions of China, particularly Guangdong, Sichuan, and Hunan. The Raw & Cooling section features a smacked cucumber salad tossed with wood ear mushrooms, chrysanthemum, and Shanxi vinegar, as well as a scallion and ginger scallop made with soy broth and a Kuai style red sea bream served with ginger, cucumber, and soybean. In the Savoury & Warm section, expect to find pork and scallion dumplings done in red chicken oil, shrimp toast with hot mustard mayo, and salt and pepper squid.

The Four Foot Belt Noodle ($24) is a dish that honours Shaanxi Province and showcases house chilies oil, mushroom, and cucumber.

A selection of chef’s specials highlighting cuisine from all three regions in China spotlights everything from the ever-popular black pepper beef done with an 18oz ribeye, to house char siu (roasted pork) served with wildflower honey and caramelized soybeans. Noodles, rice, and sautéed vegetables are also all on the menu, including a chilled pumpkin and snow melon combo. 

The Scallion & Ginger Scallop ($24) is a dish that pays tribute to the Guangdong Region and highlights scallion oil, soy broth, and Chinese donut.
The Hunan Chili Sea Bass ($62) is covered in house fermented chilies, fujian wine, and flowering chive.
Mimi Chinese’s Supreme Fried Rice ($28) isn’t your typical fried rice. It features dried scallop, salted egg, lap cheong, and for an extra $10, you can supplement 20g salmon roe.

Reservations at Mimi are now open to the public and can be booked by clicking here.


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