One of Toronto’s best new restaurants was just honoured with a world class award

Streets of Toronto X Liberty Entertainment Group

For diners eager to experience the buzz surrounding Toronto’s newest culinary hot spot, DaNico, securing a reservation is a must. This fine dining establishment, situated in the historic confines of the bank building at 440 College St. West has swiftly risen to prominence and recently earned the prestigious Award of Excellence from The Distinguished Restaurants of North America (DiRōNA). 

DaNico isn’t merely impressing the locals; the DiRōNA Award of Excellence stretches across culinary landscapes from the U.S. to the Caribbean, showcasing a genuine commitment to crafting memorable dining adventures.

DiRōNA is on a mission to spotlight exceptional fine dining. When an establishment receives the DiRōNA nod, diners can anticipate impeccable service, mouthwatering dishes and an atmosphere perfect for unforgettable evenings.

DaNico’s atmosphere pays homage to the refinement of Michelin-styled cuisine and award-winning aesthetics. Executive Chef Daniele Corona, formerly of the Michelin-starred Don Alfonso 1890 Toronto, leads the kitchen. The restaurant is a vibrant collaboration that includes hospitality icon Nick Di Donato and the culinary expertise of Chef Corona.

“The DiRōNa Award of Excellence is an incredible achievement for our team, given it holds immense prestige within the dining and hospitality communities globally and serves as a trusted symbol of excellence,” said Chef Corona. “We are proud to have been recognized in our first few months of business and look forward to continuing our award-winning journey.”

In an intimate 60-seat setting, DaNico effortlessly merges refined elegance, artisanal cocktails and a multi-course menu blending contemporary Italian traditions with a touch of Asian influence.

The restaurant’s signature tasting menu, featuring eight meticulously crafted dishes, is presented with artistic precision, creating a visually stunning dining experience. The wine cellar, nestled in the original bank vault, showcases over 3,000 bottles for enthusiasts to explore.

DaNico’s historic space, marked by vaulted ceilings, an open kitchen and lavish décor, provides the backdrop for Chef Corona’s culinary creations. Designed by Nadia Di Donato, Liberty Group’s creative director, the venue features curated artworks, including a captivating triptych by Canadian artists Max Jamali and Peter Triantos.

DaNico’s commitment to excellence aligns with Liberty Group’s vision to elevate Toronto’s fine-dining community. 

“This important award continues to raise the bar for DaNico, as well as maintaining a tradition with our other restaurant projects,” said  Mr. Di Donato. “We remain steadfast in our mission to Michelin… and to our vision to elevate Toronto’s fine-dining community and hospitality scene and be recognized amongst the absolute best on the world’s hospitality stage.”   

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