One of Toronto’s best entertainers just opened a bistro on the Danforth

Mandy Goodhandy has built quite a name for herself.

Also known as Amanda Taylor, she’s thrown her hat into several unique outposts across the city, including the renowned complex Club120 and 120 Diner at 120 Church Street, famous for being a nightclub upstairs and a street-level restaurant, both of which offered unique, live entertainment.

Now, Goodhandy is back, taking over the former The Old Nick to bring her latest vision, aptly named Mandy’s Bistro, to the east side. In this space, Goodhandy partnered with the 120 Diner’s chef, Richard Henry, to fuse the 120 experience and The Old Nick’s details, to create a whole new vibe, complete with single-person, gender-neutral bathrooms, a detail that was important to Goodhandy.

Live entertainment at Mandy’s Bistro includes a pay-what-you-can open stage for patrons to enjoy, commissioned live music, and comedy acts that change week to week.

Chef Henry’s menu includes mushroom crostini, kung pao calamari, lobster mac and cheese, and a chicken waffle sandwich. The drink program is broken down by base liquor, including vodka, gin, rye, and rum-based cocktails.

Mandy Goodhandy, in every idea she’s a part of, combines the arts and food, bringing together an all-inclusive experience for all of the senses. Mandy’s Bistro is no different, and the entrepreneur, performer and sex work activist has become renowned for offering up an experience that is almost uniquely hers.

Similar to the 120 Diner and Club120 concept, Mandy’s Bistro will occupy the main floor and back patio, while Goodhandy’s Lounge will call the lower level home. Entertainment on the top floor (the comedy, music and cabaret programming) is listed on the eatery’s website, while the lower level offers more of a Club 120 situation, hosting a party vibe for 20-30 people.

It will also be the space where Goodhandy continues her long-running T-Girl social mixers, specifically designed for trans women.

Mandy’s Bistro is now open at 123 Danforth Avenue.


Article exclusive to Streets Of Toronto