One of Toronto’s and Geddy Lee’s favourite restaurants is closing

A beloved restaurant in the city, known for serving “real food to real people”  is closing its doors.

Just hours ago, The Rosedale Diner’s owners shared the news on Instagram with their nearly 4,000 followers.

“HUGE NEWS: after 45 years of “serving real food to real people,” we’ve decided it’s time for us to hang up our aprons and retire. It’s been an incredible journey,” they captioned the post.

“We’ve been so blessed to share so many unforgettable moments with both customers and staff over the years: first dates, proposals, birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, book clubs, clandestine celebrity lunch meetings, bachelorette parties, and even weddings (including our very own daughter’s). We were able to survive the rough times of COVID and come out the other end. Now, at our best—our most ourselves—we feel it’s the opportune time to say goodbye,” the post continued.

For over four decades, the Rosedale Diner has been a community staple.  Established in 1981 by Dubi and Esti Filar, the family-owned eatery is known for its passion for food and commitment to fostering togetherness.

“You don’t realize how much of an impact you make on people’s lives,” shared Esti. “But I truly feel like we did. I have tears in my eyes as I’m talking to you.”


Renowned for the city’s “best hummus” and featured on Guy Fieri’s “Diner’s, Drive-ins and Dives,” in 2023 the restaurant entered a new era when Gil Filar,  the couple’s son, took the reins. While continuing offering all the classics, they introduced a unique cocktail program to complement one of the city’s best-curated beverage menus.

“We’re walking out just like the Beatles and Rush,” said Esti now 75-years old. “It’s better to go when you’re in good shape. You don’t want to go when things are not working out.”

Esti expressed uncertainty about whether the new owners, described as “young restaurateurs,” will retain the same name for the restaurant.

Additionally, she shared that among the diner’s numerous celebrity customers, Geddy Lee from Rush holds a special place.

“We have a special connection with Geddy Lee,” she said. “I love him, and every time he came in, it was so nice to see him. He would just come for many, many years, and he was happy, and we were happy.”

The Rosedale Diner will remain open until the end of December, and the closing will be marked with a celebration.

“We’ll keep you posted on how things will be changing over the next month and a half, as we round out our final year in business,” said Esti. “And yes, there will be a party.”

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