One of the leading mayoral candidates gets trolled for AI-generated images

The Toronto mayoral election is coming closer everyday and one candidate, Anthony Furey, is the talk of Toronto social media thanks to one of their campaign photos. The image itself doesn’t have anything scandalous but people online noticed that there is a massive mistake in one especially. 

In the latest poll, Furey has moved up to a solid third place behind leader Olivia Chow and Mark Saunders in second place.

People online noticed that Anthony Furey, a former conservative columnist and journalist, was using AI-generated imagery for his campaign photos. In several photos from his campaign you can see images that dipecit toronto-like scenes but the photos are AI created and not of an actual location in the city. 

Some of these photos include a very well organizaed tent city in what appears to resemble Trinity Bellwoods Park and what looks like the area around Union Station, but with what appears to be dozens of homeless people populating the curb. 

However there is one photo in particular that is causing the most buzz online. 

The image depicts a couple at a table in a what appears to be a scene at a bank with the pair talking to someone who is just out of frame. The image itself doesn’t immediately look computer-made but there is a massive issue once you look a little deeper. 

That issue being that the woman in the photo has an extra arm. You can see that the woman on the right has two arms with sleeves that match her shirt crossed on the table, while another arm with a different style of sleeve has its hand clutching at her chin. 

People online had a field day with this image with several asking how this made it to publishing. “I think this one is real. That dude with the beard is looking at her like he’s wondering what’s up with the third arm,” one commenter said. Another said “I mean, if i was going to generate an AI image it would check that all the people had sensical arms and hands before i used it. this is operator error right here.” 

Others took the joke more posivelty and thought of ways that Furey could spin the mistake into something he could work with. One of those people said that Furey could make it a new tagline “If elected mayor I will make Toronto city hall 50% more productive by introducing a new law making city staff bring an extra arm to work.” 

These are far from the only images in Furey’s campaign that people believe are AI-generated. In response to the response online a representative from the Furey campaign said “Anthony Furey and his team are working so hard it feels like we need three arms to get everything done.”

“We would like to thank Twitter for bringing so much attention to our platform. While it wasn’t intentional, we are happy that so many people are coming to our website and learning more about our campaign.”

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