One of New York’s most popular brunch spots just opened in Toronto

Toronto has a love affair with brunch. We are enamoured with everything from savoury to sweet, and there’s a spot in this city for every brunch craving, be it French, Vietnamese, bottomless  or AYCE. Lucky for us, Flipper’s—a Japanese chain famous for its “miracle pancakes” and with locations in New York — has landed here.

While the menu covers your typical brunch fare, Flipper’s is all about the soufflé pancakes which is your classic pancake mix blended with a fluffy meringue. This gives them a lighter and more airy texture compared to regular pancakes.

Expect about a 20-minute wait for these pancakes—even on a slow day, good things take time. Flipper’s delicious soufflé pancakes   flavours include strawberry cream, matcha, caramel banana chocolate, and fresh fruit.

Other brunch items include eggs Benedict, chicken & waffles, burgers and sandwiches. They also have a delicious selection of hot and cold teas.

Along with locations in New York and Los Angeles, Flipper’s has now opened its first Canadian spot at 31 Elm Street in Toronto. Originally from Japan, the brand began as JS Pancakes, serving traditional American-style pancakes. However, a chef’s ambition to create something extraordinary led to the creation of what are now known as “miracle pancakes” in Japan. Flipper’s was also the first Japanese chain to introduce soufflé pancakes to North America.

While there is no menu posted online, you can follow along with Flipper’s Instagram for drool-worthy videos of diners cutting into their delicious bouncy and light jiggly pancakes.

The restaurant is currently open Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m.

Article exclusive to STREETS OF TORONTO