Groundhog Day

Now you can gamble on the Groundhog Day predictions for an early spring

It used to be enough that Wiarton Willie would crawl out of his burrow, stretch his furry haunches and have a look about for his shadow to determine whether or not Ontario will get an early spring. Now, like seemingly every other significant event that comes along, people will have the opportunity to bet on it.

The history of Wiarton Willie dates back to 1956, but the keen predictive capabilities of the groundhog date back even further in North America to Pennsylvania area where Punxsutawney Phil has ruled the meteorology roost for over a century.

Legend has it, if the groundhog sees its shadow, meaning it’s sunny that day, there will be six more weeks of winter. If it’s cloudy, ergo no shadow, get ready for an early spring. Right now, it looks like cloudy skies for days up in Wiarton so we are hoping for the best.

The past four years, Willie has predicted an early spring. For the past two years, Phil has predicted long winters.

According to NorthStar Bets, the odds favour an early spring prediction by Wiarton’s groundhog as follows:

  • Prediction of an early spring (-110)
  • Prediction of six more weeks of winter (+110):

“I’ve had the opportunity to attend and cover countless major events across Canada and interview some of the biggest names in Canadian sports. I’m thrilled to head to the picturesque town of Wiarton to check Groundhog Day off my bucket list while providing reports and other on-site content for NorthStar Bets,” said Rod Black, Brand Ambassador for NorthStar Bets. “This day is special for many Canadians and what better way to celebrate coming together than placing a friendly wager on Ontario’s infamous groundhog?”

If you really feel like tempting fate and betting on the weather, go to NorthStar Bets, which seems to be the place for wacky gambling options, and have your fun. But don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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