North Toronto arena rumour quashed

It was recently reported that the ice rink located on Eglinton Avenue West just west of Yonge Street in Eglinton Park might soon be taken out. Turns out the idea was just a bad game of telephone.

“It’s a dead issue, and it is not happening nor is there any intention for it to happen,” said Coun. Jaye Robinson. “It was mentioned at a brainstorming session when people were throwing out ideas of how [we] could enhance that park, and it was suggested, but that is all.”

The session took place at a midtown community meeting as part of a new initiative to better plan how to use the public realm at Yonge Street and Eglinton Avenue.

The group formed early this year with the aim of counteracting the absence of a midtown community council while meeting the heavy demands of developers, residents, gridlock and congestion.

Midtown residents were invited to join the meeting to express what they would like to see happen in their neighbourhood.

Councillors Karen Stintz, Josh Matlow and Jaye Robinson lead the group and have all denied any intention to move the rink.

Stintz had expressed confusion over the idea, when asked about it in an interview with the Town Crier, and has since addressed the issue as something that is not on the table.

“[The rink] is highly valued by the community, and we are all well aware of that,” said Coun. Josh Matlow. “It is not happening — and if there ever was a proposal to do that, I would oppose it.”

But the mere thought of the rink moving had ruffled the feathers of local hockey groups and other sports enthusiasts who were adamantly opposed to the idea.  

“Some residents were worried, but we’ve now let everyone know that this is not going to happen,” said Matlow.

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