New Yorkville patio at Four Seasons

A new patio inspired by the French Riviera just opened in Yorkville

To mark the start of summer, today Four Seasons Hotel welcomes diners to a culinary experience inspired by the French Riviera. d|azur is a chic and elegant patio that encompasses the romance, warmth and glamour of the South of France on the corner of Bay Street and Yorkville Avenue.

The patio menu is designed by d|bar sous chef Horatio Macias Leon and features light creations focused on seafood with distinct Mediterranean accents. These delicious dishes include fresh oysters, caviar, burrata, grilled octopus, and ceviche, paired with carefully crafted cocktails.

The dessert menu serves up a taste of French Summers with a collection of seasonal flavours including lemon, orange blossom, apricot, and thyme. The menu will also include the Tarte Tropezienne, a specialty pastry that originated in the French Riviera town of St. Tropez.

Mural at Four Seasons’ new outdoor patio d|azur

Further transporting guests to the Cote d’Azur, the wall on the hotel’s southwest side features a custom art installation from Toronto artist Jason Zante. Named The Riviera, the artwork depicts the azure waters and stunning architecture that is found throughout the region. Zante offers a mode of escapism for customers and passersby who view the vibrant colours and bold contrasts of the mural.

“The Riviera symbolizes the many elements of the Mediterranean lifestyle and landscape through abstracted forms and contrasting colours while fusing subtle textural elements that already live within the design of the Hotel,” Zante says. “It was my goal to offer a feeling of escapism to anyone who views the mural. A moment where their minds can drift to vacation mode where they feel most at peace.”

d|azur is open seven days a week in the heart of Yorkville and is sure to become Toronto’s destination for a French staycation.

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