New Age Selling: The business marketing strategies that yielded big results in 2020

Jeremy Diamond: Business Marketing Strategies During COVID-19

The year 2020 has been challenging for countless business owners. Many business owners had to restructure amid COVID-19 concerns. The world’s economies reflected the effects of those changes. Yet, some clever marketing strategies are helping business owners succeed in this tumultuous time.

You may have experienced some hardship due to the obstacles that presented themselves. Taking advantage of effective marketing strategies in 2020 can help you turn things around for your business. Let’s review some of the simple yet powerful strategies companies are using and see which of them can work for you.


One of the most effective marketing strategies in 2020 is personalization. Marketing strategies that yield results in 2020 do so because they understand the psychology of clients. People tend to want to do business where they feel a connection.

Diamond and Diamond Lawyers is one business that has applied that understanding to their marketing strategy this year. Diamond and Diamond Lawyers started as a personal injury firm and is now a full-service law firm.

We took a serious look at improving customer loyalty through personalization. To do that, we used digital marketing tools and services, including sharing informative videos, creating engaging social media content, and providing our personal phone numbers to clients.

Managing Partner at Diamond and Diamond Lawyers, Jeremy Diamond, reflected on the most powerful marketing strategies that are seeing results right now.

He noticed that personalization had a huge positive outcome for the business world so far. Building the firm’s marketing on a personalized approach was helpful because it led to lasting connections with our customers.

Those relationships were reflected in the business’s growth this year. So, how can you make personalization work for your company? Offer tailored services. For example, we pride ourselves on making each client feel seen and heard, so in addition to handing out our personal phone numbers, we also offer home visits.

Don’t be afraid to infuse your marketing campaigns with interactive and engaging elements. Share a relevant, humorous meme or ask an interesting question on social media. In general, the idea is to connect with your audience and find commonalities with them.

Consistent Quality Content Marketing

Effective marketing strategies rely on consistency to achieve results. With a content marketing plan, for example, staying consistent with content is key. Sharing quality content that your audience can relate to helps you to build a relationship with potential clients.

Consistent content marketing also establishes credibility, authority, and reliability. When you are known as a source of relevant and useful information, it positions you as an expert in your field and makes your potential clients more likely to trust you. That trust can be the bridge from a relatable social media post to your next sale.

If you are struggling to develop content ideas, here are some things to consider. Think about the subjects that your audience would be interested in. What will grab the attention of your customer? Keep that in mind as you plan your content across various platforms.

Video Marketing

Another of the marketing strategies that yield results right now is video marketing. Many platforms in 2020 support video content. It’s a remarkable resource for business owners. People are spending a majority of their time at home, and video content is benefitting from the lack of entertainment options that the average person once enjoyed.

People have turned to streaming media to entertain themselves during the lockdown. Video content can be affordably produced and has a multitude of benefits. Creative video marketing can be shared widely on social media and has the potential to go viral.

People absorb video marketing more readily than written content and are more likely to recall the content’s brand later on than if they were reading print material. Let your creative instincts flourish. Entertain your audience as you inform them about all the value that your business has to offer.

Diamond & Diamond Lawyers on the Benefits of Localized SEO

Although video marketing has a wealth of advantages, the written word is still quite necessary.

Jeremy Diamond noticed exponential growth at the firm when we boosted our local SEO efforts. As we expanded our services, localized SEO campaigns remained a crucial component in our marketing campaigns. We focus on local keywords, local listings, and a compelling GMB profile as the backbone to our SEO strategy.

We have found that the local element steers new clients in our direction. That, combined with the use of GMB, marries effective SEO with convenience, making a significant difference in our ability to serve new clients.

Voice Search Technology

Any successful marketing campaign right now will take advantage of technological developments, like using voice search technology. As mobile phones and computers become more integral to our personal lives and our businesses, voice search technology is more reliable and prevalent than ever.

These days it’s normal to call out a voice command to one of several devices throughout your home or in your pocket. This technology is gaining popularity, and businesses could see tremendous growth from optimizing for voice search.

There are many simple changes that you can make that will have a transformative effect on your voice search optimization. You can optimize by tailoring your content to the kinds of questions that your ideal customer might ask, making sure your website is mobile friendly and anticipating prospective queries with conversational content.

Share Your Knowledge

You have something that speaks to a need in your target market, but don’t let your value end with your product or service; you possess related knowledge that you can share with your audience as well. Starting a podcast or hosting a tutorial or a webinar are all marvellous ways to get started.

You can go live on a social media platform or use a low-cost set up to start a podcast from the comfort of your home or office. You can share tips for your clients, new services your company offers, and even interviews with other industry leaders. Sharing your knowledge is an excellent way to engage with your audience and demonstrate your subject matter expertise.

You can amplify others that have served as sources of information for you, create custom content, or both. There are myriad avenues that you can take to showcase the information you hold after working for years in your field.

Engage in Social Media

Social media gives business owners access to vast audiences and the opportunity to interact with customers in a multitude of unique ways. When you connect with potential clients on social media, you appear more accessible, and you grow your network.

That kind of personal attention to the relationships in your network can create a strong base for customer loyalty.

Transcend and Adapt

Although 2020 has presented unique challenges, it has also provided us with the chance to more readily connect with our ideal clients. Rise above your perceived limitations by using your resources creatively and consistently.

Advertising your services with personalized marketing can improve customer loyalty. Video marketing and voice search optimization can help you stand out among the competition. And written content is the backbone of any marketing strategy. When planned and executed well, these tools can propel your business to even greater heights.

About Jeremy Diamond

Jeremy Diamond is a lawyer and member of both Ontario and Florida Bars. Jeremy practices in the area of Plaintiff personal injury litigation. Click here to learn more about Jeremy Diamond.