Hugh's Room new venue

Music club Hugh’s Room has found a new home in the east end of Toronto

Hugh’s Room Live, the beloved Toronto music venue, has exciting news. The venue has successfully purchased a historic church property located at 296 Broadview Ave. in Toronto’s east end. This significant milestone provides Hugh’s Room Live with a permanent home for the first time since shutting the doors to its original location in the Roncesvalles neighbourhood three years ago.

The acquisition of the Broadview Faith Temple Church comes after Hugh’s Room Live faced the challenge of relocating from their previous location on Dundas Street West due to a rent hike in 2020. The new space at will not only serve as a music venue but also aims to become a world-class performance and music hub, supporting artists and fostering community engagement.

The team at Hugh’s Room Live is now focused on setting up the space for live performances, with plans to begin shows in September. They will also be actively seeking funding from various levels of government for renovations and operational support. The venue has already received significant backing from over 1,000 individuals, including volunteers, donors, and bondholders, who played a crucial role in making this acquisition possible.

Described as a groundbreaking music sanctuary, the new home at 296 Broadview Avenue will feature performance studios, dedicated support for artists, and vibrant community musical activities. While some renovations will be undertaken over the summer, the initial priorities include ensuring accessibility and establishing a commercial kitchen. These goals will be the focus of immediate fundraising efforts.

Hugh's Room
Inside the new location at 296 Broadview Ave.

As Hugh’s Room Live enters this new chapter in their journey, they express their gratitude to the supporters who have stood by them during this challenging time for the performing arts.

“None of this would have been possible without the support of over 1000 committed individuals including volunteers, donors and bondholders. These extraordinary individuals have inspired us all during this challenging time for Hugh‘s Room Live and the performing arts throughout our city,” read a press release.

Hugh’s Room has a long history of primarily folk music in the city dating back more than two decades. The club has hosted musicians such as Pete Seeger, Sylvia Tyson, Ron Sexsmith, and Richie Havens.

The club in the Roncesvalles neighbourhood also operated as a supper club style venue where people would have dinner and then stay for a show.

While preparations are underway for concerts at the new venue, Hugh’s Room Live has a couple of performances scheduled at partner venues in August.

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