One of the world’s best Chinese restaurants is opening in Toronto this spring

When news broke that David Chang’s Momofuku Noodle Bar was officially leaving the Shangri-La, fans and past patrons were excited  to learn that the globally acclaimed fine-dining spot Mott 32 would be taking its place. Now, we know the exciting news that the restaurant is set to open in late spring.

“As we embark on this exciting journey, our third restaurant in North America and our ninth world wide, we celebrate not just a restaurant, but a culmination of craftsmanship, culture and community,” says Malcom Wood co-founder and managing director Mott 32. “Toronto’s dynamic energy and global outlook make it the perfect home for Mott 32 and we look forward to creating unforgettable moments and becoming an integral part of this vibrant cityscape.”

The restaurant already boasts numerous locations spanning the globe, including Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore, Seoul, Las Vegas and Vancouver, as well as Cebu and Dubai.

The Toronto location’s design appears to mirror that of the Vancouver spot, boasting an elegant, fine-dining vibe. Its interior combines industrial elements with a touch of luxury, reflecting its Chinese heritage and global influence. With accolades for both its cuisine and physical space, expectations are high for the Toronto location.

Established by the Maximal Concepts group, Mott 32 has gained global recognition, earning numerous awards for its unique fusion of traditional and contemporary flavours.

“This expansion marks an exciting chapter for Mott 32 as its commitment to authenticity finds a fitting new home in Toronto,” says Romano Castillo, general manager,, Mott 32 Toronto. “With a renowned and dynamic culinary scene, Toronto sets an ideal stage for Mott 32 to share its award-winning traditions and innovations of Chinese cuisine, celebrating diversity in the heart of such a vibrant and multicultural city.”

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