Miku will launch a sakura-inspired menu to celebrate cherry blossom season

You can get delicious sushi year-round at Miku, but each spring they roll out special sakura-themed menus to celebrate the cherry blossom season. Available from April 23 to May 6, the sakura aburi prime set menu is a delicious meal of sushi, beef and seafood creations served with some fantastic sake.

First up, an indulgent amuse bouche of pan-seared foie gras accompanied by a dab of tart sakura no ha preserve cherry jam. The sake pairing is a sweet plum Kozaemon Junmai Umeshu.

The Kaiseki trio is next. It’s served in special spherical dishware sets that unstack to reveal three levels of dinner: Aburi beef carpaccio with jalaeno pnzi and pickled mustard seeds; Saikyo miso baked sablefish with truffled parsnip puree, market baby vegetables with an unbelievably light and flavourful sakura soy foam; and oh-so-fresh sashimi. All paired with Gold Omachi Junmai Daiginjo sake.

Finally, the aburi prime course arrives. Feast on painstakingly crafted pieces of sushi such as snow crab with truffle sauce, A5 Japanese waygu with yuzu shichimi and uni with nori crisp, to name a few. This was paired with the smooth Aburi x Yoshi no Gawa Aburi Ginjo.

This is not the time to skip dessert. The sakura panna cotta is a perfect melange of textures and flavours: with sakura gelée paired with a shard of sweet elderflower meringue and a wonderfully fresh-tasting mint ice cream. Plus, if you’ve never sipped sparkling sake before, the Indigo Wind Junmai Sparkling will be a welcome surprise.

The Sakura Features Menu is available April 23 until May 6, during dinner only. 

Miku, 10 Bay Street, 647-347-7347 

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