Michelin-starred Japanese restaurant from Vancouver is opening in Toronto next week

Okeya Kyujiro Toronto’s newest Omakase restaurant is opening in May. The Michelin-starred restaurant, which currently has locations in Vancouver and Montreal, promises a theatrical experience along with the finest and freshest ingredients sourced from Japan.

Opening on Belair Street in Yorkville, this restaurant stands out among the plethora of Omakase or “chef’s choice” eateries in Toronto. What sets it apart is its aim to transport diners to Japan with its immersive dining concept, promising an authentic Japanese culinary journey. From the moment guests are greeted with rising curtains and a warm welcome to the final notes of a tea ceremony accompanied by dramatic music, every aspect of the experience captivates.

Chef Takuya Matsuda from Mie Prefecture, Japan, brings 25 years of culinary expertise to Okeya Kyujiro, ensuring top-notch quality by sourcing the finest fish from Japan and around the world.

While the restaurant’s menu details are yet to be revealed, based on the Montreal and Vancouver locations, guests can expect approximately 20 courses predominantly featuring sushi. The experience also includes dessert and a tea ceremony, lasting around one and a half hours.

From the Michelin Guide’s Point of View, the Vancouver location promises an intriguing evening ahead:

“Hosts dressed in stunning traditional clothing guide you to a dark room, lit only by the faintest glow from votive candles. A black curtain is raised ceremoniously only when the clock strikes the precise minute of your seating. These are the first clues that this is far from your typical omakase. From the premium, hyper-seasonal fish to the demonstration of sasagiri (traditional Japanese bamboo leaf carving), it is a memorable show from start to finish. Highlights include chawanmushi with crab, shatteringly crispy tempura sandbar fish, spicy firefly squid on a bamboo skewer, and a presentation of two uni petals from different Japanese waters served with seaweed jam. Sweet courses garner attention, especially wagashi, fashioned into a flower here.”

Reservations are now open on OpenTable for two seating times, 5:45 p.m. and 8:15 p.m., starting May 9. The soft opening price is set at $300 per person

Okeya Kyujiro is located at 26 Bellair St., second floor. 

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