A selection of fish from MSSM Yorkville

Double Michelin-starred chef just opened an affordable new restaurant on Ossington

Renowned Michelin-starred chef Masaki Saito has set Toronto abuzz with his latest dining destination. Capitalizing on Ossington’s cool factor, chef Saito’s new spot offers a fresh take on his acclaimed Edomae-style sushi in a vibrant, accessible setting.

As Toronto’s only two-starred Michelin chef, Masaki Saito is renowned for his exquisite dining experiences. Following the success of MSSM Yorkville, unveiled in the summer of 2023, chef Saito has now expanded his culinary empire with the opening of MSSM’s second location. Just like its counterpart in Yorkville, MSSM Ossington promises a more accessible omakase experience while maintaining the exceptional quality Saito is known for.

The chef's tasting table at MSSM Ossington

“Given the high price point at Sushi Masaki Saito ($680 per person) and the limited amount of seating, many individuals don’t get the opportunity to experience a traditional Edomae offering,” says chef Saito. “Although it has been rewarding to share my passion and knowledge with select customers, this style of execution has not allowed me to broadly educate the general public, which is why I created MSSM.”

The new restaurant offers a unique 14-course omakase menu incorporating appetizers, nigiri, soup and desserts for a fraction of the price at $98 per person. In contrast to Sushi Masaki Saito, which imports all its ingredients from top-tier sources in Japan, MSSM Ossington adopts a different approach. By incorporating local and European ingredients along-side Japanese ones, the restaurant aims to provide a more accessible price point. Chef Saito guarantees that the utilization of Edomae style and technique brings out the “best in each piece of fish.”


In addition to the new restaurant on Ossington, Chef Saito recently announced a new collaboration with master chefs Didier Leroy and Christian Le Squer. Together, they will soon unveil LSL in North York, promising a posh nine-seat restaurant celebrated for its harmonious fusion of grand French traditions with unique Japanese techniques and ingredients.

With his innovative approach to Japanese cuisine and dedication to making high-quality dining accessible to all, chef Masaki Saito continues to elevate Toronto’s culinary scene, one delicious dish at a time.

MSSM Ossington is located at 1221 Dundas St. W.

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