Michael Bublé’s magic mushrooms comment the talk of NHL All-Star Weekend

Michael Bublé was in the middle of hockey excitement in Toronto over the weekend, taking on a dual role as both a celebrity captain for the NHL All-Star Game draft and a co-captain alongside Canucks’ Quinn Hughes and his brother, New Jersey Devils’ Jack Hughes, but it was his memorable press conference and admission to taking a “microdose of mushroom” that has been getting the headlines.

During a media interview following the draft, Bublé disclosed that he had been given “a microdose of mushroom” by a friend. Reflecting on his draft experience, Bublé compared his surreal state to the plot of the 2007 sports comedy film Blades of Glory starring Will Arnett, who was seated next to him during the press conference. He recounted feeling as though he was living in a movie until he realized the gravity of the situation: he was participating in the NHL All-Star Game.

“The mushroom talk lost me all of my contracts,” he joked.

But later, the iconic Canadian singer commented that it might have been a gag.

“20 years and people still don’t get my humor. I just keep rolling. lol,” he wrote on an Instagram post the next day. 


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Despite his unconventional mindset, Bublé managed to make a notable selection by choosing Tampa Bay Lightning star Nikita Kucherov with the first pick. Leveraging his Canucks allegiance, Bublé and Hughes strategically selected several Canucks players during the draft, while Jack Hughes secured his Devils teammate Jesper Bratt.

Despite the unconventional circumstances, Bublé’s participation added an entertaining twist to the NHL All-Star Game draft, demonstrating that even Grammy Award-winning musicians can’t resist the allure of hockey excitement.

And, it should be noted that while technically still illegal in Vancouver, magic mushroom shops operate openly in the city. A growing trend in Toronto as well. Maybe if the comment costs the popular singer a few advertising gigs for flavoured water, he might land a more lucrative contract for the mushroom legalisation push.

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