Mia Parres

Three ways to welcome summer into your home decor

Mia Parres is a co-host on The Expandables with Rob Evans and also stars in HGTV Canada’s upcoming series Family Home Overhaul premiering this fall. She is an interior designer from Toronto who specializes in helping homeowners make their homes better when they can’t make them bigger.

It’s time to welcome my favourite season of the year into our homes — summer! There is so much to love about this season, but summer 2020 in particular is all about making memories in your home. This summer, think of ways to welcome the change of warmer seasons into your interior spaces. The Danish word hygge, which is often associated with the cooler winter months, acknowledges a feeling or moment that is invoked within our homes that is cosy, and I think there are several ways to invoke hygge in the summer.

Summer scents

This is a big one because it can be the smallest of changes and really make the biggest impact. Infusing summer blooms into your space is the perfect way to inject that summertime aroma inside. When we aren’t in the garden, it’s a lovely way to infuse colour, dimension, scent, and layers into your spaces. So, grab some garden scissors and clip some of your favourite peonies, branches or colourful bundles. Use this activity as an excuse to decorate your kitchen by making a dining centrepiece for a big family meal, or a little grouping to wake up to beside your bed. It will be the perfect sensory addition to any space.

Pro tip: I also love to bring potted plants as host/hostess gifts because they not only look and smell beautiful, but if their new owners take good care of them, they can actually last a lifetime! Popular picks are herbs or orchids.

Fresh linens

Now that we’ve quarantine cleaned our homes this spring, it’s time to freshen up the place we spend most of our time dreaming of summer adventures — our beds. The perfect place to start in the bedroom is with a set of fresh linens. I always suggest going with natural, breathable materials — like a linen or cotton. I would opt for a clean white duvet, fitted sheet, and new pillow cases from White Terry, as their company is Canadian and their product is top-of-the line fabulous.

Perhaps this summer take it to the next level and also add a top layer of new pillows. Adding some colour to a space is always fun when it is something that can evolve with the changing seasons. Check out Tonic Living, also a Canadian company, for readymade pillows in an array of classic and trendy fabrics and colours. If you’re feeling your inner designer bloom, you can also try custom options with them as well!

Heart of the home

Take a minute to close your eyes, and picture where you see yourself spending most of your time this summer. Perhaps it’s your patio with friends, your kitchen with family, your living room curled up with your puppy. Take that space and give it the much needed decor update it deserves. This summer, it is all about quality time, and creating really great memories together as a quarantine crew.

Try buying some new woven baskets that you can use to store all the kids toys or tuck in some cosy summer evening blankets. Fill the space with new updates, new ideas, and lots of joyful moments. No renovations required — just long summer nights and lasting memories.

Article exclusive to Streets Of Toronto