Massively Different: Grain Lofts and the Mass Timber Movement

Streets Of Toronto X Grain Lofts

Twenty-eight unique condo suites are coming to the Junction Triangle. In a city where new condo projects are popping up everywhere, you might wonder why that’s news. The answer is simple: Grain Lofts by Gairloch Developments are part of a new tradition, aimed at improving the way we develop our cities, and the lives we live in them.

And Gairloch wants you to question what’s important in a living space. Its ethos extends beyond luxury furnishings and cool, calm design. It’s a belief that drives the building’s design and its construction – and champions progressive ways of building better.

Grain Lofts is a mass timber project, built from CLT (cross-laminated timber). Rather than creating carbon emissions, the production of Grain’s basic building blocks captures carbon. Removing carbon from the atmosphere does wonders for a construction project’s ecological footprint and using renewable and sustainably harvested materials that sequester carbon is one way to create sustainable growth and healthier cities.

In this steel and glass landscape, Grain Lofts is putting down real roots. Warm wood interiors and inspired designs that champion natural light are hallmarks of Grain’s new approach to urban living. A serene oasis in the middle of the city, Grain’s communal courtyard and radiant through units will be a beacon in this urban jungle.

“We really took our time and asked ourselves, ‘How would I want to live?’” says architect Gabriel Fain. “It wasn’t only about maximizing space but about showcasing the wood as much as possible and bringing out the expression and form of the building.”

Making houses out of wood isn’t a new idea. But finding a way to build multi-family homes that reap the benefits of mass-timber construction, all while innovating on traditional building practices, is a momentous step forward.

Grain is a synthesis of Nordic, Japanese and European principles, informed by the best environmental practices in the world. CLT is now gaining traction across North America, and Grain is proud to join such timber projects as George Brown College’s planned 10-storey Limberlost Place, and Adjaye Associates’ Timber House – a plant-covered residential project that will be part of the larger Quayside development.

Building with mass timber is the genesis of a more modern, more down-to-earth kind of construction. You just need to take one look at the lone Japanese Maple erupting in brilliant rubies, garnets and crimsons in the heart of Grain’s courtyard to understand the peaceful calm a more organic approach can deliver.

Steps away from the Dupont commercial strip and a stone’s throw from Carlton and Perth Square parks, Grain Lofts will be your connection to a greener life. Sales Centre now open. Learn more and pre-register today at


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