Candice Kaye

Made in Toronto: The bespoke designs of Candice Kaye

Toronto native Candice Kaye returned home to Toronto in 2016 after a stint abroad in Paris and completing a design program as well as working on a few design projects in New York City. Once home, she started Candice Kaye Design, a local design project that produces artisan wallpaper, rugs and embroidered linens. The textile design company specializes in bespoke design features and accents, primarily in the hospitality industry. Kaye’s designs are simultaneously elegant and playful, bringing in bright colours and imaginative patterns. 

Kaye works out of a home studio but says that she really works wherever her laptop is. Her wallpapers are hand-painted, tailored specifically to each client and one-of-a-kind art pieces. Her work can be found decorating the walls of some of Toronto’s most popular restaurants and bars including Planta, Mercatto Cantina, Byblos, Baddies Cafe and Pennies Bar.  

Aside from her custom work for clients, Kaye has created a number of collections readily available for purchase by the panel in her online shop. Outside of the Toronto restaurant industry, she has collaborated with numerous other stylish brands including creating a line of textiles for CB2 and outfitting a bright and colourful pop-up restaurant on Ossington with Bacardi Rum. She also created a set of beautifully designed protective cases for smartphones and laptops.

 Moving forward, Kaye is excited to delve deeper into her brand while continuing to develop new products and services.  She’s also been expanding her reach into more residential projects. Toronto residents interested in seeing one of Candice Kaye’s designs first-hand can spot her bespoke designs at one of the Toronto eateries listed above, check out a collaboration with one of her partners or visit her website to see her unique and colourful portfolio. 

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