Yes, low-rise pants are back. Here’s how to style them and shop the trend in Toronto

That’s right, you heard correctly – the low-rise trend is back. A staple of Y2K style, it was only a matter of time before low-rise pants made their way back into the fashion zeitgeist. If you’re someone who has become accustomed to the comfort and ease of high-waisted pants, don’t worry:  they’re not going anywhere. But if you’re interested in shaking up your wardrobe a bit and not opposed to an exposed belly button or two, this might be the trend for you.

Want to figure out how to make a pair of low-rise pants work in your wardrobe? Here’s your go-to guide for low-rise style and some places to shop the trend in Toronto.

Compromise and go mid-rise

Low-rise pants can be tough to approach if you haven’t sported the style in 15 years (or never at all), so try to compromise with the mid-rise style instead. Yes, it’s not exactly low-rise, but it will add a new dynamic to your style without making too much of a change. Mid-rise pants hit a little below the belly button, whereas low-rise hits even lower. You can find some great pairs at one of the Levi’s stores in Toronto, or at secondhand shop Expo Vintage (stop by their shop-by-the-pound location to really find some great deals). Style with baby tees or turtlenecks that hit right above the waistline to really lean into the early 2000s look.

Prioritize comfort with baggy low-rise cargos or denim

So you’re willing to go full low-rise. Now what? The easiest way to give it a try is by styling a baggier pair of pants lower on the waist for a skater style that is both on-trend and mega-comfortable. If you have an older pair of pants that are too big for you, those will do the trick. To really up your style game, try this trick with cargo pants, which are really having a moment right now. Many cargo pants come with drawstring waists for you to style as high or low on your waist as you want with ease. Don’t have any pants on hand to make this style work? Check out People’s Champ Vintage in Toronto for a whole bunch of jeans perfect for styling low-rise. Or try these baggy palazzo-style pants at Over the Rainbow for a slightly pricier option.

Lean into the full Y2K look

If you’re ready to take it all the way, go full Y2K and look for the major low-rise styles that often feature flared bottoms. TNT Fashion has some options, including this black ultra-flare pair. From there, you can go a few different ways – pair them with an oversized sweater for a cozy winter look, a belly button-grazing t-shirt to go full Britney Spears, a corset top for a model-off-duty look or even a Miu Miu-inspired preppy look with a belted pair of pants and a cropped collared shirt under a sweater. Whatever you wear, remember that low-rise is for anyone and everyone – if you want to wear it, you’ll look good it in!