Meats waiting to be grilled at Takja BBQ.

Little Italy’s chic new Korean barbecue spot rivals New York’s Cote

Takja means “table” and, while Little Italy may seem like an unexpected place for a Korean BBQ house, the idea of gathering around a meal to create memories is a perfect fit for the area. And that’s exactly what Takja BBQ House, College Street’ts newest restaurant, brings.

There’s no shortage of beauty in the space, and modern meets traditional in both the decor and on the menu. The lighting is dark and moody (complete with florescent lighting to accent details), but the plateware is intricate and dainty. On the menu, decadent meats meet stacked seafood towers with fermented sauces, and cold noodles and stews provide a hearty punch to round out the food selection.


At Takja, patrons need not concern themselves with the intricacies of grilling their own meats, a departure from the norm at other Korean barbecue establishments. Here, the responsibility of expertly cooking meats falls on the capable shoulders of the waitstaff.

Upgrade your appetizer experience by adding BC uni or caviar to any dish for an extra charge. Indulge in seafood pancakes, cocktail shrimp, or oysters paired with banchan like egg souffle and scallion salad. Wash it all down with a curated selection of natural wines, Bereche champagne, and expertly crafted cocktails perfect for your Instagram feed.


For those indecisive diners, Takja offers a Hansang option, meaning “a table full of food,” priced at $125 per person. This set menu is curated by the staff to cater to diverse cravings and flavour preferences. Along with top-tier selections like A5 Wagyu Ribeye and  Kanpachi from New Zealand, it includes the signature dessert found on the à la carte menu: sweet potato bingsoo, complemented with caramel, sweet potato, and pound cake.

With its location, Takja has a clever advantage: The west end restaurant is connected to the sushi spot Oroshi Fish Co., owned by the same proprietors. This ensures that all the seafood on the menu is fresh and flavorful, whether it’s on the barbecue or in seafood-focused dishes.

Takja BBQ House is located at 962 College St. and open from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. Wednesday to Sunday.