New Selling Sunset-style reality show stars two Toronto real estate moguls

Most of Toronto’s real estate community will recognise the names Odeen Eccleston and Lamont Wiltshire — but now, more Canadians will get a chance to look into the lives (and relationships) of the duo’s real estate empire. The founders of the Wiltshire Eccleston (WE) Group will be hitting the screens on CTV with the debut of their new reality show Listing Large

Over nearly a decade, the duo have transformed the WE Group from a business they used to run out of their cars into a widely acclaimed success story. Eccleston focuses on the real estate, while Wiltshire handles construction and development. 

But now, the two are embarking on their next chapter by launching a fresh brokerage, expanding their team with new agents and venturing into the construction of numerous high-end developments — all perfect fodder for a Selling Sunset-style reality show that gives us the ideal balance of real estate and personal drama.

“Doing the show forced us into a state of vulnerability that I didn’t know would be required, but it’s absolutely required,” says Eccleston. “You don’t want to hold back because you know that that would be doing a disservice to the show. Some people will love it, some people won’t. So you just tell yourself: let’s just put it all out there.” 

Through Listing Large, viewers will get an inside look into their world of parenthood, friendship and Eccleston and Wiltshire’s previous romantic relationship with each other — they are now exes — as the pair navigate their growing real estate empire, including their new office.

Courtesy Bell Media

Eccleston and Wiltshire both agree that going on dates with other people on camera was definitely a new experience for both. And while discussing their previous relationship was a little uncomfortable and embarrassing at times, they both do appreciate how authentically real and vulnerable they could be.

“It’s not the perfect story,” says Wiltshire. “But I think some people might be able to relate to an ‘unperfect’ story of business, love, relationships and non-romantic relationships.” 

The show also features five of the 25 employees and agents of their brokerage as they also navigate selling properties in the GTA while handling personal and professional dynamics. 

Viewers are introduced to agents Crystal Ferrari — who is also Wiltshire’s sister-in law — Alyssa Ennis, Diana James, Nicole De Silva and Stefan Zec. The show will also feature some of the agents’ clients, including actor and content creator Tia Bhatia.

Each episode  also features condos, houses and even mansions in the city and GTA. Fans of shows like Selling Sunset and Million Dollar Listing can get a glimpse into what high-end living is like in the GTA. 

“For those who love real estate and beautiful homes, the show also peels back the layers of how these homes come about: the rolling up the sleeves in the background and not just the glitz and glam of the end product,” says Wiltshire.

Eccleston adds that it may especially resonate with those pursuing their dreams. 

“This is a moment in time where we are trying to pursue our dreams, and I think so many Canadians are as well,” she says. “And I think that [the show is going to be] particularly inspiring.”

From building their dream homes to selling dream homes, Eccelston and Wiltshire take viewers through the ins and outs of selling homes, designing them and the interpersonal dynamics that we all know and love in real estate reality shows. Catch the premiere of Listing Large on Oct. 16 at 8 p.m. on CTV Life Channel.

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