Larger-than-life sculptures grace rooftop of Spoke Club

The cold has meant swarms of people walking briskly with heads down and hands in pockets. But if you've taken the time to look up, you might have noticed something new and strange on top of the Spoke Club.

The larger-than-life sculptures of two figures, which are constructed from Tyvek and inflated using internal fans, are the work of artist Max Streicher. They were mounted as part of The Spoke Club's 10-year anniversary celebrations on Jan. 22, but had to be taken down due to weather conditions. Fortunately, they're back, and should remain until the end of March (weather permitting).

Streicher is originally from Alberta but now calls Toronto home, and he found his calling with inflatable art in 1989. His work has been displayed all over the world, and can now be seen draped over the edge of the King St. W. building.

Inside, two more of his sculptures sit in the Spoke Club's gallery space—dubbed Giant Babies. A fitting title as they fill the space from floor to ceiling. Although the Gallery is open to members of the Spoke Club only, you can inquire whether they'll let you take a peek.

The Spoke Club, 600 King St. W., 416-368-8448

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