Kitchen Confidential: The Vatican on Ice from Burger Priest


An ice cream sandwich that’s in a league of its own 

The Burger’s Priest serves up an innovative dessert that packs a day’s worth of fat and almost 1,000 calories 


NUTRITIONAL FACTS: Serving size: 1 sandwich (246 g)
• Calories 937
• Total Fat 64.2 g  (Daily Value 99%)
• Sodium 903 mg (Daily Value 38%)
• Carbohydrates 68.6 g (Daily Value 23%)
• Protein 21.4 g


The Burger’s Priest is known for its hand-ground premium meat patties made fresh on the premises. Lineups at each of its locations across the GTA tell you how mouth-watering these cheeseburgers really are. The Vatican on Ice, a pick from their dessert menu, combines two grilled cheese sandwiches with a scoop of ice cream in between. Yes, you read that right. If you love savoury, sweet, calories and fat, you’ve got it all here! With close to 1,000 calories and virtually all your daily fat, you’re done for the day after devouring this sandwich/dessert combo.


ROSE’S HEALTHY TAKE:  Mini chocolate chip ‘ice cream’ sandwiches 

Here’s my light take on the more classic ice cream sandwich, swapping out the ice cream and replacing it with either frozen yogurt or gelato.


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