Josh Matlow

Josh Matlow could announce candidacy to replace Toronto MP Carolyn Bennett

A tweet from Josh Matlow indicates the long-time midtown city councillor and former school board trustee is interested in replacing outgoing federal MP Carolyn Bennett in the Toronto-St. Paul’s riding.

Bennett announced her retirement from federal politics last December after 26 years in office.

The announcement, made through Matlow’s Twitter account, signals the potential for a significant shift in representation for the Toronto-St. Paul’s riding.

In a tweet expressing gratitude to Carolyn Bennett for her friendship and service to the community, Josh Matlow acknowledges the encouragement he has been receiving to seek the Liberal nomination for the Toronto-St. Paul’s federal seat. The seasoned city councillor’s measured response indicates a thoughtful consideration of the opportunity, showcasing a dedication to serving the community that has been a hallmark of Matlow’s political career.

Given Matlow’s decision to take a run at the mayoralty during the last municipal election, it seems clear that he has political goals beyond being a member of city council, so a move to another political level could be a good next move of for the 48-year-old politician first elected to office in 2003.

Matlow has a proven track record of community service and advocacy. Throughout his tenure as a city councillor, Matlow has championed numerous causes, emphasizing fact-driven decision making, community engagement, urban planning, and environmental sustainability. His experience at the municipal level positions him as a candidate with a deep understanding of the unique needs and challenges faced by the residents of Toronto-St. Paul’s and the greater city at large.

If Matlow decides to make the leap from municipal to federal politics, his candidacy could have a significant impact on the Toronto-St. Paul’s riding. Matlow’s reputation for being approachable, accessible, and responsive to community concerns aligns with the expectations of constituents at the federal level. His familiarity with the local issues and commitment to transparent governance could contribute to effective representation in Ottawa.

Recently, there were reports of federal MPs in Toronto not happy with the state of municipal governance in the city. But, if Matlow gets elected, the tone could change for the better and could help bring the federal government to the table in response to the city’s well-documented financial situation.

The announcement of potential candidacy is tied to the consideration of seeking the Liberal nomination for Toronto-St. Paul’s. The by-election to replace Bennett has yet to be called. The earliest date that the Toronto—St. Paul’s by-election can be held is Monday March 4, 2024.

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