tassoni reusable masks and gloves

Canadian designer Joseph Tassoni begins making reusable masks and gloves

A portion of each purchase is donated to Joseph Brant Hospital

With more businesses being allowed to open next week and certain stores requiring customers to wear face masks, the demand for non-medical grade reusable masks and gloves is growing. Joseph Tassoni, a local fashion designer based in Burlington, is responding to that demand by manufacturing protective equipment.

“This initiative is a chance for us to use our skills, supply chain and equipment to help produce products that will bridge the protective equipment gap in hospitals,” says Tassoni.

The material used in Tassoni’s masks is a specially-sourced material that resists the build up of moisture and bacteria which differentiates these masks from many of the other cotton ones currently available for consumer use. By producing these masks and gloves, Tassoni is hoping to ensure that medical grade equipment is reserved for the health-care workers who require it.



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The initiative is also helping to keep local workers employed and $5 from every purchase is also donated to Tassoni’s local hospital, Joseph Brant Hospital in Burlington.

“Everything we produce is made right here in Burlington — so with your help we will be keeping members in our own community working, and most importantly, doing our part to keep our community’s essential workers and citizens safe,” says Tassoni.

On his website, Tassoni is offering four sets as part of this initiative. One is a Mother’s Day combo of three reusable masks in metallic rose, hot pink and aubergine for $39.99. More colour options are available in the regular three-pack. The reusable face mask and hand covering set is also $39.99. Additionally, the Joseph Tassoni T-shirt is available with the message “Keep our workers working” across the front.

Tassoni is known for his eponymous men’s and women’s outerwear label. He studied fashion at Ryerson University before working for companies such as Joseph Mimran & Associates and LaParka. His brand is known for its inventive designs that do not sacrifice comfort for style.

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