How to promote your employer brand and company culture

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Jeremy Diamond, Lawyer & Senior Partner at Diamond and Diamond Lawyers, believes that you should never underestimate the importance of your business’ brand. It can be the difference between making a memorable impression on your clients or being completely forgotten. A good brand allows its’ clients to know exactly what to expect from your company and ensures that they continue to do or refer business for the foreseeable future.

Another benefit of a positive employer brand is the effect it can have on your ability to attract and procure top talent in your industry. Your reputation is of great importance, whether you’re a small team in a single office or a huge multi-national company. When your employees are happy, their motivation at work is higher, they tend to stick around for longer and are more likely to share work highlights with their networks – on social media or in person!

There’s a multitude of ways in which you can promote your employer brand and company culture. Here are some of the most effective ways of doing so:

Leverage Your Employees’ Networks

A study by the EBI suggests that around 50% of business owners cite employee referrals as their main source of quality employees. “At Diamond and Diamond, we incentivize our team to refer their contacts to job openings at our firm. We find that recruiting through our current staff leads to the best results” shares Jeremy Diamond, Lawyer & Senior Partner at Diamond and Diamond Lawyers.

Share Employee Stories

Fake testimonials stick out like a sore thumb. If you’re going to share employee testimonials, make them real ones. Tell real, authentic employee stories through videos, testimonials, photography – in social media and ads. Letting people see the stories of the real people who work for your company lets them envisage themselves in a similar role. Jeremy Diamond and the team of Diamond and Diamond lawyers feature their employees on social media regularly. Scroll through their Instagram and Facebook feed to see some examples!

Encourage Responsible Social Media Use

Training your staff to use social media effectively and responsibly is a must for any business. “Our social media agency, Pinch Social, conducted a lunch & learn to educate our staff on how to engage with Diamond and Diamond Lawyers on social media. It’s incredible how much louder your online voice becomes when you’ve got your team sharing your posts too!” shares Sandra Ziskind, Lawyer and Managing Partner at Diamond and Diamond.

Have a Relaxed Company Policy Regarding Social Media Usage

Some company’s policies are so punitive and detailed that some employees may find them confusing, and as a result, avoid social media usage altogether. This situation isn’t ideal as having your employees share your business’s social media posts increases their value dramatically.

Communicate Your Values as Much as Possible

Every piece of content your business puts out should exude your values. Let people know who you are, what you have to offer, and what they can expect when they choose you for your product/service. If they share those same values, they will feel even more compelled to stay loyal to your brand and continue to follow and engage with you online.

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Jeremy Diamond is a lawyer and member of both Ontario and Florida Bars. Jeremy practices in the area of Plaintiff personal injury litigation. Click here to learn more about Jeremy Diamond.