Jeanne Beker’s luxury snow boot picks to keep up with the hottest trend this season

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With companies like Mackage and Canada Goose releasing high-fashion footwear lines that just happen to be warm and waterproof, high fashion is pivoting toward comfort combined with style. Jeanne Beker has got you covered with the best splurge-worthy boots out there to make it through the winter.

A) Lug luxury

“I absolutely love these boots; they look very, very divine. They’ve got a huge lug sole, so they’re very sturdy, and the way they lace up is such a classic look. They just look absolutely cosy, and they’re real shearling of course.”


B) Retro vibes

“I love the islets on it; it has a sort of retro ski boot vibe. This could be your everyday boot.” $240,

C) Cuffed shearling

“There’s something so luxurious about these boots. These are cosy and give lots of stability.” $780,

D) Moonwalking

“I’m so glad the moon boots are coming back. They’re whimsical and fun while keeping all the snow out.” $285,

E) Classic plaid

“These are great if you want utility but in a very fashionable way, and I love the plaid.” $650,

F) Extreme weather

“The red is very uplifting and dynamic. They are going to be incredible quality.” $1,395,

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