Jeanne Beker’s guide to the cosiest cashmere sweaters in town

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Jeanne Beker’s guide to the cosiest cashmere in town, dedicated to making you feel like you’re wrapped up in a blanket, all day long. These sweaters are softer than a warm hug on a cold winter day. Perfect for that special person in your life.

A) Fringe details

“I love the generosity of the turtleneck, and the open sleeves are so luxurious.”, $490

B) All about the drama

“This black one is pretty fabulous to me. It’s hard for me to resist a great big black sweater, and this one has all the fringing along the arm and the beautiful texture all throughout it. I love the generosity of the body and also of the sleeves. It’s such a dramatic, cosy look; it’s just gorgeous.”, $1,445

C) Striped and stylish

“I think the bold stripes are fantastic, and the colouration of the camel is so clever.”, $425

D) Winter-ready

“I’m impressed by the price point; you get a lot of style bang and a lot of beautiful quality cashmere for your buck. You’d want to live in a turtleneck like this all season. Orange is a fashion classic.”, $198

E) Cropped cowl

“This saturated jewel tone is so rich and vibrant and great for the winter.”, $525

F) Puffed up pom-poms

“This artful, artisanal detailing makes this such a special, forever piece.”, $795

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