Jeanne Beker on the best shoe trends to kick off spring

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Spring is here, and there’s nothing better than a new pair of shoes to kick off the warmer weather. Whether it’s heels, clogs or a fresh pair of sneakers that you’re looking for, Jeanne Beker has affordable and luxury options for them all.



“This block heel pump is to die for. It’s gorgeous. It looks incredibly comfortable, very practical, very timeless. This shoe is very feminine and delicate and just classic Chanel.”, $1,250



“It’s so great to see that Heel Boy has this style at a fraction of the price. It’s faux leather with a little kitten heel, which is very on trend. It looks very rich, elegant and high fashion.”, $110



“These have a great platform of a sole. They’re very sporty, but also very artful with the detailing on the side. These shoes are built for comfort as well as style.”, $425


“The mesh here is really stylish and on trend, and will make for a more lightweight shoe. I love the styling of the arched platform here as well.”, $44.99



“You’re looking at a big fashion statement with these. They’re very trendy with the big, bulky chain on the front and the studs.”, $1,250


“I like the modernity and the minimalism of the very sleek upper on these go-anywhere clogs, and they’re handmade to order in Toronto so you’re getting a really exclusive look.”, $280

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