platform boots

Jeanne Beker on the best platform boots this season

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The season’s hottest chunky monkeys. Platform boots so thick, you want to eat them with a spoon.

platform boots

A) Ruby red

“These soles are pretty outlandish with the divided platform colours, and it’s great that they’re vegan too.”, $808

B) Classy and elevated

“There’s something very clean, modern and elegant about this design. This is a fabulous colour that really speaks to this season. The contrast between the colours is so dramatic.”, $725

C) Moon walking

“These are just so fun and playful and great for any time of year. They add a great pop to any outfit.”, $248

D) Icy patent

“There’s a combination of sensibilities here that I really like with the wooden sole and ivory shoe.”, $259.95

E) Mile high

“These are having about as much fun as a Chelsea boot can have; I love this lighter tone.”, $1,650

F) Lace-up classic

“The pebbled leather is really nice, and these are not as high as some other platforms we’ve seen.”, $320


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