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Jeanne Beker on the best trench coats with a twist in Toronto

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With Wiarton Willie calling for an early spring, Jeanne Beker thought she’d get a jump on the season with a quality transitional jacket. Depart from the basics this month with six fashion-forward trench coats to put an extra spring in your step.

A) Sleeveless in style

“This is a beautiful, silky fabric, and this colour is fantastic. It’s very novel to have a sleeveless coat of this nature. And the price is unbelievable!” $171,

B) Leather weather

“Some people just can’t get enough leather! A leather trench coat is pretty classic. It has all the classic trench detailing. I love the epaulets and the straps around the wrists.” $1,590,

C) Fantasy coat

“This Chloé coat is really quite to die for. It’s absolutely feminine, so chic. It better last you forever at that price, but it’s nice to dream a little bit. It’s a fantasy trench coat in my mind.” $10,325,

D) London luxe

“The black-and-white theme is huge in fashion this upcoming season. This is so fun for spring.” $398,

E) Two-in-one

“I love the idea that this is convertible, and the two-tone colour just screams spring.” $1,190,

F) Pretty in blue

“This is an artful piece with a great colour combo, puffy sleeve and a beautiful Peter Pan collar.” $310,

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