The best matching pajama sets in Toronto

Jeanne Beker on the best matching pajama sets in T.O. for couples

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There’s nothing cuter than matching pajamas! Spend this season of love cuddling by the fireplace with your significant other while wearing co-ordinating sleepwear sets. Whether your couple style is classic, modern or cosy, Jeanne Beker has the best picks for your Valentine’s Day vibe.

matching pajama sets


A) For modern lovers

“This green and white really speaks to me of a great modernity; it’s almost like love in the digital age. It’s sort of a computer design. There’s something very pleasing about it. It’s not overly romantic, but I just think it’s fun. This set also comes with a matching pair of shorts, which is so great for mixing and matching.” $89.97,

B) For classic and cozy couples

“It’s wonderful to have a matching set of this nature. The fabric is so cuddly and cosy; the brushed cotton flannel is really good quality.” $178 and $188,


C) For partners with a flair for fashion

“This is the ultimate indulgence; they’re great year-round romantic wear. These silky short pajamas are absolutely classic, absolutely stylish. They’re a really great Valentine’s Day tribute.” $760 and $510,

D) For vintage lovers

“This is such a gorgeous, classic style. The material is very soft to the skin, and it has a little bit of stretch to it, and really hearkens back to the ’30s and ’40s.” $179 and $237,

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