Jeanne Beker: Hitting up the city’s top designer consignment boutiques for hautest labels at prices you won’t believe

Jeanne hits up the city’s top designer consignment boutiques, discovering the world’s hautest labels at prices you won’t believe. Forget Holts — think a value revolt

(A) Shake it off
Christian Dior at Second Nature, 514 Mt. Pleasant Rd., original retail: $1,000, here: $550 
“Fringes fringes fringes — you can’t go wrong with fringes!This is such a sexy Dior boot.”

(B) Hearts on fire
Moschino at I Miss You, 63 Ossington Ave., original retail: $950, here: $175 
“They’re just classic in their own kooky way. Very glam with that signature fluffy little red heart.”

(C) Push the button
Burberry at Lab Consignment, original retail: $1,350, here: $695
“These Burberry booties mean business! They’ve got a lot of this strappy S&M thing going on and are dangerous in a sexy way.”

(D) Baroque leanings
Prada at Curvaceous Consignments, 7670 Yonge St., original retail: $800, here: $150
“There’s a very exotic feel to these with the lace over gold satin. A stunning evening shoe with a kitten heel.”

(E) Artistic lean
Roger Vivier at Rewind, 598 Mt. Pleasant Rd., original retail: $680, here: $175
“The coloration is phenomenal with the chestnut brown and the teal and the ochre.”

(F) All tied up
Balenciaga at Haute Classics, 1454 Yonge St., original retail: $1,600, here: $540 
“These are brand new lace-up booties, which is unbelievable. They look like old skate shoes from the ’40s.”

(G) Strike a pose
Chanel at HazelLily, 3235 Yonge St., original retail: $2,700, here: $1,695
“Who doesn’t love a perfect little Chanel camera bag? Such buttery leather, and I absolutely love this tassel. Wow!” 

(H) Animal instincts
Celine at Haute Classics, original retail: $4,550, here: $3,000
“This is Celine; it’s to die for. We love that pony skin animal print. A beautiful, beautiful bag.”

(I) Slow seduction
Lanvin at Second Nature, 514 Mt. Pleasant Rd., original retail: $3,000, here: $725
“What a fabulous evening bag, so romantic with the grosgrain ribbon woven through the chains. We love what Alber Elbaz has done with Lanvin.” 

(J) Block it out
Marni at Garb, 1046 Queen St. W., original retail: $1,800, here: $486
“Here we’ve got this colour blocking going on — lovely. This is very sleek yet roomy and it has great pockets. A steal for under $500.” 

(K) Noir appeal
Yves Saint Laurent at I Miss You, 63 Ossington Ave., original retail: $1,500, here: $950 
“How can you go wrong with a bag of this nature? I love the fact that it’s not burdened with any logos whatsoever.” 

(L) Giddy up
Gucci at Haute Classics, original retail: $2,895, here: $696
“This is brand new with the price tags! It’s black leather and tan suede with gold hardware. Fantastic.” 

(M) A pop of colour
Moschino at Garb, original retail: $700 (vintage), here: $359
“This coat is very elegant with classic styling. We love these appliqué poppies.” 

(N) Spywear
Burberry at HazelLily, original retail: $4,000, here: $1,700
“A Burberry trench — so classic, yet trendy with the big zipper. It looks rich and has wonderful closures and details.” 

(O) Make an imprint
Etro at Clementine’s, 1260 Yonge St., original retail: $2,500, here: $1,295 
“Etro is always so fun. Paisley is hot these days; the striped lining makes it funkier.” 

(P) Royal behaviour 
Alexander McQueen at Clementine’s, original retail: $2,595, here: $1,295
“Oh, say, ‘McQueen’ and a fashionista’s heart starts to flutter. It’s a great piece of tailoring” 

(Q) Outré oeuvre
Versace at Lab Consignment, original retail: priceless (unworn vintage), here: $1,496
“I love the playful colourful flamboyance.” 

(R) Check mate
Prada at Rewind, original retail: $800, here: $190
“This is very, very sweet, done in the softest mohair. Great little sleeves.”   

(S) A real mission
Missoni at Flair Trade, 3241 Yonge St., original retail: $1,750, here: $300
“Look at this cosy Missoni dress! Beautiful rich colours, very wintery.” 

(T) Classy and fabulous
Chanel at Garb, original retail: $7,000, here: $1,525
“This is a classic tweed suit with a bit of sparkly silver thread running through.”  

(U) Nutty nature
Dolce & Gabbana at Clementine’s, original retail: $3,800, here: $1,895
“This is an insane skirt. It is so whimsical with these jewel-encrusted squirrels. It’s a collector’s item.” 

(V) Smokin’ hot
YSL at flair trade, original retail: $800 (vintage), here: $175
“Imagine how wonderful these would look with a big romantic shirt?” 

(W) Circling around
Pucci at Haute Classics, original retail: $1,995, here: $325
“It’s a fantastic winter dress, and it’s very elegant, this Pucci print on wool.”

(X) Flowing freely
Oscar de la Renta at Hazellily, original retail: $3,000, here: $450
“Oscar! This would transition well from a daytime luncheon to night.”

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