winter boots

Jeanne Beker on the best winter boots for when you’re out in the snow

jeanne-beker-plaidOne of Canada’s most trusted authorities on style and fashion, Jeanne Beker has covered the industry for more than 30 years. Now watch her in her current style editor role on TSC’s Style Matters with Jeanne Beker or tune into her new podcast Beyond Style Matters, available wherever you get your podcasts. 


Winter is here, and everyone needs a pair of sturdy and warm winter boots. So we asked Jeanne Beker to pick the perfect pairs that scream cosy, cool and casual and will keep you upright when you’re out in the snow and slush.

winter boots

A) Lime green dream

“This fabulous lime green Pajar is a great Canadian boot. It really screams style and it’s fun.”, $190

B) Take a hike

“I love these winter boots because they look so heavy-duty like an old pair of ski boots from the ’40s. They really mean business.”, $278

C) Space-age style

“These are delightful and fun. They have a space-age feel and a great graphic heel. I love the shot of orange up the back.”, $325

D) Saffron in your step

“These have a special insulation so they’re going to be warm. And that saffron colour is so optimistic. It puts a spring in your step.”, $139.99

winter boots

E) On the wedge

“Sorel is such a great Canadian boot, and this wedge is great for women who are looking for some height in a boot.”, $259.99

F) Lace up

“I love these red laces. They look like a pair of skates. The graphic nature of this Moncler boot is pretty irresistible.”, $890

G) Green with envy

“You’ve got to love this green metallic. It looks like a Chelsea boot, and these treads are great for plowing down a sidewalk in.”, $228

H) Quilted queen

“This boot has a Chanel feel with the quilted motif, and it’s beautifully constructed. This is a very high fashion statement.”, $645

winter boots

I) Ivory elegance

“This is a wonderful example of something that looks very tech driven yet has a great air of femininity to it.”, $598

J) Cosy and cool

“This beautiful olive green suede, this great big platform and these huge no-nonsense treads — these winter boots look very cosy and cool.”, $446

K) Have you any wool

“This wool boot looks like a slipper. The outsole is made of cork and latex, some really interesting fabrications going on here.”, $160

L) Vintage vibes

“These look like they’re from another era. It’s a real salute to the mukluk with the way they’re laced around the leg.”, $240

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