It’s grilling time with celebrity chefs Rob Rossi and Craig Harding

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What better time to fire up the grill with family and friends with spring right around the corner. A family-run business for over 75 years that is renowned as the destination for delivering dream kitchens – both indoor and outdoors – Caplan’s has sponsored a new cooking series that focuses on cooking simple and delicious recipes outdoors. Hosted by acclaimed chefs Rob Rossi and Craig Harding, Open Fire creates delicious, innovative dishes, and one of their favourite recipes is shared below.

This recipe features sumac spice, which is amazing and is a staple in Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisine. Prized for its unique tangy flavour, it pairs exceptionally well with trout as it adds fresh notes of citrus and a wonderful colour from its deep burgundy berries.

The crisp and bitter radicchio goes perfectly with the fattiness of the trout, while fresh dill and sherry vinegar bring the whole dish together.

Sumac Trout a la Plancha

Sumac Trout a la Plancha

• Source a boneless filet of rainbow trout ideally from a sustainable fishery
• Lightly season with salt, pepper and sumac (Middle Eastern spice)
• Preheat a grill or griddle pan and once it’s almost smoking, turn down to low heat
• Cook skin side down for 5-7 minutes until skin is crispy and browned and the flesh is almost cooked through on top. Keeping a touch of pink is the key to keeping it moist.
• To garnish, add radicchio, Belgian endive and chopped fresh dill. Season with olive oil a splash of sherry vinegar and a touch more salt and pepper.

Be sure to tune in to Open Fire, launching April 19th at 9:30pm on TLN, for more recipes.

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