Is Dundas West the next Ossington?

Toronto has no shortage of trendy neighbourhoods complete with cool shops, bars and restaurants and while Ossington or Queen West might be the first that come to mind, Dundas West is not to be slept on. With a slew of new businesses and restaurants opening regularly, coupled with its proximity to other cool, more established neighbourhoods but with less expensive rent, Dundas West is rapidly climbing to the top of the “you gotta eat here” list.  Just a few months ago travel blog TimeOut named Dundas West the world’s 12th coolest neghbourhood, describing its as a “culture consumer’s paradise with boutique art galleries, snug bars, understated nightclubs and enough cozy coffee shops to keep you buzzing along.”

Want to hit the town and nab some good eats on a road less traveled? We’ve rounded up some Dundas West spots you have to check out.


BOUFFE is Chef David Adjey’s modern French kitchen and wine bar located in Dundas West’s Little Portugal neighbourhood. Patrons can sip from a long wine list and munch on complementary French-inspired dishes including charcuterie, steak tartare, escargot or duck confit poutine. 1173 Dundas St. W

Frank Ranalli’s

Frank Ranalli’s is the spot for classic Chicago style Italian shaved beef sandwiches, right here in Toronto. Think: thinly sliced roasted Italian Beef, stewed in its own delicious jus, served just how you like it. Try it wet, dry or dipped and throw a classic side onto the order with options ranging from fresh cut fries to fennel and cabbage coleslaw. 1357 Dundas St. W

No Pain Gimbap

Looking for Korean snacks in the West End? Look no further than No Pain Gimbap, the tucked away spot in the back of wine bar, Grape Crush. The new spot just opened up in November and comes by way of Donna’s co-owner Ann Kim. This take-oput friendly spot serves gimbap, a Korean dish made from cooked rice and ingredients like vegetables, fish, and meats that are rolled in gim—dried sheets of seaweed—and served in bite-sized slices. Try the spicy pork gimpab or the vegetarian-friendly crispy fried shiitake gimbap for something unique on the Dundas strip. 1166 Dundas St. W

Jean Darlene

Jean Darlene Piano Bar is a new speakeasy spot that melds IYKYK vibes with the chicness of a piano bar and camaraderie of an open mic. You can swing by for drinks and stay for the regularly scheduled live performances that range from pianists, drag shows, live samba and themed singalongs. If you have a flair for the dramatic, there’s tons of opportunity to hop on stage and show off your own singing and performing chops, too. And who knows, maybe the owners will like you enough to invite you downstairs, where they have a full-fledged recording studio. 1203 Dundas St. W.

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