How to make an LBD stand out

What is your favourite accessory to add to an LBD to make it stand out?

This season I like black opaque legs with black glam high heel shoes, or black over-the-knee boots.

What is the best outfit to wear with thigh-high boots?

I recommend either a tweedy riding or Chanel-inspired jacket over an above the knee skirt, or over leggings, or any above-the-knee dress. If the dress is too short, you’ll risk the "Pretty Woman" look.

How much accessorizing is too much? If I’m wearing a big necklace and a big cocktail ring, should I leave out earrings/bracelets?

This would be the season to wear just a big necklace and no other accessories. Or, if you have stacks of multiple bracelets, wear one over-sized cocktail ring and that’s it. It makes a stronger style statement.

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