Your how-to fashion guide to layering in style for the Toronto fall weather

Fall is, by far, the most indecisive fashion season. For starters, there’s a good chance you begin your day in practically winter attire. However, you’re swiftly met with a heat surge that we say we weren’t expecting, but we really were. Then there are the perils of deciding what colours are still in, what matches with your fall monchromatics, and so on and so forth. By the end you’ve seemingly made your closet look like a tornado. This isn’t fun for everyone.

If you’re in need of some seasonal fashion advice, look no further. Learn about the three fall coats you need to complete your wardrobe, along with some insight on how to layer for unpredictable weather.


Denim jackets are a staple for fall weather. They’re easily accessible, range in price and are going to work with a large majority of your closet. Denim is usually comprised of a cotton twill which has been woven with different colours of yarn. The final product is a material that folds and creases effortlessly over pieces of your choice.

If you’re into the vintage look, Toronto has a plethora of terrific denim-focused shops which will have racks upon racks of denim jackets. Spots such as People’s Champ Vintage and Expo Vintage will all certainly give in to your need for perfectly faded denim jackets.

For higher-end or designer denim jackets, your best option is to head over to major department stores like Nordstrom, Saks Off Fifth or Hudson’s Bay.

For a more casual look, pair your newly acquired denim jacket with an off-colour hoodie, or thick mock neck sweater. Alyx, Heron Preston and Uniqlo have terrific iterations of the latter which will add necessary depth (and warmth!) to your denim. Most denim jackets are blue, but in denim, that basically counts as a neutral – try layering a cool tone palette underneath for a wintry iteration or a warm tone palette to fit right in with the falling leaves. You can never go wrong with a turtleneck under a chunky sweater!

Puffer vest

The puffer vest is one of the most underrated fall fashion options. The piece varies in both size and puff density, and most are filled with down or vegan down. In Toronto, there’s plenty to choose from for each and every size.

If you’re looking for a sleek puffer vest, head over to Patagonia. You might resemble a Bay Street finance bro but you’ll love every bit of wear that you get out of it. Other Gorpcore brands like Arc’teryx and The North Face also have terrific options when it comes to sleek vests. Arc’teryx takes the cake here, as they manufacture their slimmer vests with a tighter fit, making it feel like combat padding.

When it comes to chunkier vests, at the lower price point, and very well known for their Super Puff series, is Aritzia. The innovative fashion boutique has a The Super Puff and The Super Puff Men which includes different blocking patterns on puffer coats. Within both of these lines are massive puff vests which are perfect for cold fall morning weather and transitioning into winter.

Moncler is the other go-to puffer vest brand for the fall. The fashion house recently celebrated their 70th anniversary and acquired Italian sportswear brand Stone Island just last year. Look to watch them release contemporary and technical takes on puffers in the near future.

Vests are the perfect option if you like to wear sweaters, specifically those that have designs on the sleeves. A voluminous sleeve, puffed sleeve or patterned sleeve will take your vest layering to the next level. A turtleneck will also work and adds some dimension to the look, or a warmer long dress for extra style points.

Work jacket

Work jackets are defined by their specific cut, pockets and overall shape. They traditionally have a boxy fit, allowing the wearer to move with ease while doing their work. As well, they tend to feature three exterior pouch pockets, which were historically used to store tools.

Brands like Carhartt and Dickies are obvious options for work jackets, and for good reason. Both of these brands have been known as premier workwear companies for years now. Carhartt has even taken a dive into the high fashion sphere with multiple boutiques in Europe. Uniqlo does a great job with their work jackets, offering very affordable options.

On the more expensive side would be Frank & Oak and Rag & Bone. Both of these brands offer high quality work jackets that are made for everyday life. You can also try a few of the secondhand stores in area for true vintage work jackets, such as Exile Vintage – nothing compares to craftsmanship from 50 or 60 years ago!

Work jackets can be layered with just about anything that doesn’t have a collar. Good quality T-shirts, sweaters, knits and hoodies work terrifically underneath a work jacket, and will add just the right amount of warmth for this fall weather.

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