How They Met: ET Canada reporter went from Tinder date to Belize wedding

As one of the newest additions to ET Canada’s reporting team, Brittnee Blair has travelled the globe interviewing some of Hollywood’s biggest stars, including Robert De Niro, Michelle Yeoh and Kelly Clarkson. She got her start on TV as the “Queen Bee” on Big Brother Canada’s third season, but you might recognize her from her international career as a plus-size model. Brittnee Blair gives us the scoop on meeting her husband, marketing director Jared, and their intimate wedding. 

How they met

We met on Tinder! He had me laughing for two days chatting after we matched, and then he sent me a cute message saying he wanted to meet in person.

The first date

Our first date was at an arcade. I showed up in my chucks, jeans and a grey T-shirt ready to game it up at the basketball hoops! We were obviously a great match, because we ended up winning a ton of points, and each ended up winning a giant stuffed animal. We went out for margaritas afterwards, a table for four – him and me and one for each of our giant stuffed animals!

The courtship

We went to Miami together after only five weeks of dating! We went to a drag brunch, lounged in the sun and celebrated Cinco de Mayo. Then we drove to Orlando to visit Harry Potter World! 

The proposal

We were on a trip in Japan, and I was loving Nagano so much I kept saying how I didn’t want to leave. He seemed panicked by this, and he said he really wanted to get to Kyoto for a tea ceremony we booked. We ended up rushing to get there, and I didn’t have time to change so I was wearing athleisure! We arrived at the tea ceremony and selected our attire to wear (traditional kimonos) and had a wonderful time. The last tea I had was a strong matcha, so my heart was already racing. Then the woman leading the ceremony brought out another tray, but it was covered with a cloth. She turned to Jared to give him the tray. He lifted the cloth, and there was the ring box! He got down on one knee, and all I remember is crying happy tears and saying, “Yes!” Afterwards, we walked around the Golden Temple and then did karaoke to celebrate!

The wedding and honeymoon

We got married at Hidden Valley in Belize, in front of a place called Butterfly Falls. It was a very intimate wedding, barefoot and surrounded by 21 of our closest friends and family. We arrived in Belize with our guests for pre-wedding celebrations in Hopkins Bay on the beach, then headed up to the mountains later in the week to get married at Hidden Valley. For our honeymoon we spent another week touring Belize. We snorkeled, ate delicious food, visited the Mayan ruins and had an incredible experience.

The kids

We have a daughter; she is 18 months old and already a little ball of energy!

The secret to success

Communication, patience and understanding that it’s not always going to be 50/50 in the relationship. Sometimes your partner gives 60 per cent and you give 40 per cent and vice versa! That’s fine, and you have to be open to compromising and allowing your partner grace and flexibility.

The future together

Hopefully we are still travelling the world, having fun together and laughing every day — and hopefully owning a home in Costa Rica!

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