Homemade Halloween: Get creative this October with custom costume creations for your kids

Gone are the days when parents would spend the time stitching, gluing and prepping accessories to get their kids’ Halloween costumes just right. 

No more minor burns from the hot glue gun.…

No more pin pricks from needles when trying to sew on those tiny details.… 

Using household items to create your kid’s costume masterpiece? A rare occurrence these days. 

Why bother when you can pretty much find any suitable costume your child wants to wear at the nearest Halloween store, right? 

Wrong! It’s time to stop the madness of Halloween commercialism and get back into the spirit of what this holiday is all about: creativity! 

There are so many smart, unique and fun ways to get your child into the spirit of creating costumes the old-fashioned way.

This year, get them gussied up in paint, tin foil, makeup, tulle and more to create a costume they can truly be proud to show off!

Household materials can also be incorporated into imaginative Halloween costumes. Things like boxes, cardboard, wire, laundry baskets, sponges, cotton balls — the list goes on. Your child needs a jet pack to go with his astronaut costume? Those plastic two-litre bottles will work great! Remember, if you can imagine using it to create something truly unique, you probably can!

One of the most inventive ways to create the character or object your child wishes to become on Halloween is by utilizing old materials in new ways. 

An old umbrella, string lights and some ribbon can go a long way in creating the ultimate jellyfish costume for your little one, and don’t be afraid to cut up old articles of clothing to improve your costumes where needed. 

Fabric paints, bleach and dyes are another great way to achieve the look your child might be going for, with whatever he or she has decided they want 
to be.  

For those of you with a more macabre sense of humour, your child could always go as a serial killer … pun intended. Just keep those empty cereal boxes, glue them on to your child’s outfit, add a couple slashes and some “blood,” and there you have it! A “cereal killer,” get it?

Yarn goes a long way when it comes to creating some pretty funny costume ideas. Many parents have opted to turn their children into their very own Cabbage Patch Kids using a ball of yarn for their hair. Witch? Swamp monster? Rapunzel? Yarn will serve multiple purposes, just be creative! 

Getting rid of old pillows? Save the feathers! They always come in handy around Halloween. Whether you’re gluing together a pair of wings or adding detail to a fluffy animal ensemble, feathers are always useful to ensure those minor details are covered. 

For those wanting to dress up their babies before they can even object to the idea of do-it-yourself costumes, turning your baby into a burrito is easy, affordable and will undoubtedly gain all the laughs. 

Using a tortilla-coloured blanket, swaddle your little one, burrito style, and put on a hat with felt toppings like tomato, lettuce and cheese glued on top. Mucho adorable.

Ensure your child doesn’t end up like the rest this year, and start thinking of ways to create costumes by hand! The big night is almost here, so use these tips to get into the spirit of creepy creativity. Happy Halloween!

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