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Local designer Hilary MacMillan teams up with body positivity champion on self-love jacket

When digital creator Sarah Nicole Landry of the Birds Papaya stumbled upon the phrase “not made to be subtle” earlier this year, she knew it would resonate with others just as deeply as it resonated with her. With messages of body positivity, confidence and self-love among the overarching themes of her online platform, Landry had the idea to include the empowering phrase on a new limited-edition jacket she designed in collaboration with Canadian designer Hilary MacMillan.

“Each year, I try and think of something to remind myself of and reflect on, and this year, it was to not minimize myself, my voice, my being,” Landry says. “Collaborating with Hilary feels so special. These Varsity jackets worn by me, my children and my friends serve as a reminder to all of us to not minimize ourselves, our dreams and our greatness in this walk we call life.”

birds papaya

Landry and MacMillan first met at a pop-up event and have been supporting each other as women creatives ever since. The designer says partnering with Landry on the jacket as an extension of her legacy Varsity Collection was a no-brainer.

“Sarah is an inspiration to me,” MacMillan says. “She carves out fierce space in the social landscape through honesty and self-love, which is authentic and raw. I knew right away when redesigning the Varsity Collection for 2021 that I wanted to partner with her and build a jacket around the theme of self-empowerment and authenticity.”

birds papaya

Available in both adult and youth sizes in both black and pink, the jacket is an extension of the designer’s noteworthy Varsity Collection, which serves as a way for people to make bold statements and tell their stories through fashion.

“The Varsity Collection creates space for individuals to be seen, using fashion to spark dialogues, express values, build narratives and connect communities,” MacMillan says.

The exclusive jacket is set to launch on MacMillan’s e-commerce platform on April 19 at $165 for adults, and $100 for youth. To join the wait list for early access, visit

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