Green accents are a spring design trend that's been getting popular

HGTV’s resident property stylist on the top design trends for spring

Red Barrinuevo is the Principal Designer at Redesign4More and an award-winning property stylist and interior decorator based in Toronto.

What’s in store for spring 2022? Well, that’s a loaded question, given the events of the last two years. But interestingly, it’s these events that are shaping the design trends of spring. Here’s how they are translating into our interiors and some easy styling tips to get the look in your own home.

Vintage vibes

For some practical reasons, vintage pieces are making a comeback. If you’ve tried to order anything new recently, you’ll have noticed the lag in delivery time, attributed to material and staffing shortages worldwide. If you place an order, you could wait anywhere from three to six months for furniture or up to a year for appliances and specialty items. For this reason alone, many will be looking to second-hand and antique stores to fill the gap.

Additionally, vintage pieces often come with a lower price tag and have longevity, meaning they won’t quickly get dated. Here’s my tip: Combine different types of wood with earth tones and mixed metals such as copper, antique brass and matte gold finishes. This creates a calming, organic ambience, particularly in the living and dining room areas.

Black accents

A popular home trend we’ll see is black accents — whether it be in art, hardware or decor. It’s a great way to add some edge and depth to more minimalist spaces, using light, neutral colours for the main elements of your space, like paint colours and large sofas and incorporating black accents for contrast.

Trending hues

The world’s colour authorities have shared their forecasts for trending hues, and there’s a common theme for the 2022 colour of the year — green shades, from forest to sage green. Colour has been shown to impact mood, and green is associated with stability, serenity, growth and nature — something we can all likely use a little more of following the last two years!

Tip: Try incorporating plants as a non-committal way to green up your space. And aside from a pop of colour and freshness, plants work wonders for the soul!

Versatile spaces

The pandemic led us to acknowledge the importance of our homes. I believe we will continue to see the demand for versatility, where one space can be transformed and moulded for different activities: a dining table or kitchen island can double as a desk, for example.

Textured fabrics

My final spring design trend is rooted in the concept of home as a cocoon, and textured fabrics are a great way to create the depth and comfort your space craves. Light, neutral spaces are also a popular look this year, so textured textiles can bring balance to this simple backdrop. Opt for rich textures such as wool, boucle, knits and velvet for your pillows and throws, upholstery, window treatments and area rugs.

This year promises to be action-packed, and all of the above trends contribute to a home that is a warm and welcoming refuge from the outside world.